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About us

  • Do you feel yourself being in a bind because of your debts?
  • Do high bailiff withdraw all money from your wage?
  • Maybe you became involved in quick loans?
  • Your flat is taken away and you still owe thousands to the bank?
  • Or maybe your business is in trouble and you don‘t have means to pay off debts?
All these are not the reasons to think that is the end of the life!

FAB.lt department Business 123 can help you. Already many years our company successfully works with private and juridical persons. We help to arrange bankruptcy procedure within a short time. We work as an intermediary to find an administrator of bankrupt. We prepare documents for the Court. We buy debts and companies with debts.

Our approach
  • To protect interest of the bankrupt as well as other bankruptcy process participators. We do it ably, all based on Lithuanian Republic Laws.
  • To provide high quality service, no matter whether a client is a private or juridical individual.
  • If our experts think that case is having no prospects and will not recover bankruptcy procedure costs, we will inform our client straight away.
  • To mimimise the cost of bankruptcy administration.
  • To arrange bankruptcy in a short period of time, with no runaround.

If you trust your cares our qualified employees, you will save a lot of time and money associated with ‘bad’ debts, and will improve your loan portfolio.

Our main purpose is – not to give a bank or quick loans an opportunity to spoil individual’s life.


Director Ilja Malkin